I was born in Washington State, grew up in the suburbs, and took a bus to Portland as soon as I could. As a child I was always pushed to follow my creative dreams, be it dance, theatre, drawing or sewing. I excelled in academics but was always lured back to the visual, visceral love of creating. 

Originally, I intended to go to school to become an educator; but after taking a short break to slinging coffee and work in retail, I fell back into the arts and started a sewing as a full-time hobby. Fast forward a few years, I enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland for Apparel Design and let my obsession come to full bloom. I interned for many small Portland labels, as we well as for Anthropologie and WWD (Women's Wear Daily) in NYC. 

After graduation, I followed my heart once again and ended up married, living in Canada on 5 acres in the country. There I became a doting wife and in between baking, gardening and preparing dinner I started sewing yet again. This time is was accessories and handbags and created my line SEAECHO. 

SEAECHO grew and we moved back to Portland to reconnect with the city. I worked various retail and freelance jobs until I was hired on by Solestruck to spearhead a new project for them. I have worn many diverse and challenging hats while working for Solestruck but each role was firmly rooted in being self-driven, business minded, and the ability to pick up and run with whatever was handed to you. 

With my work life fulfilling my need to create SEAECHO went on hiatus but never actually left me. An absolute equal work / life balance isn't realistic, but letting go of SEAECHO made me realize how much I really need it. With new SEAECHO coming soon and Solestruck as my chosen career path, my plate, my glass and my heart is full.